Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Munchin' the Bugs ...

Another day, another bizarre happening here in Japan. We had a little festival in our part of town yesterday, so pre festivities we went over to a neighbour's house for a bit. There, I was plied with beer, and once suitable drunk, I was required to eat "inago".

Inago are deep-fried locusts.

Yum ....

About to enter the mouth ...
In it goes ...

And the reaction!

They don't actually taste that bad. Pretty much like deep-fried anything. The most annoying part is that the legs get stuck in your teeth. I was still pulling them out an hour later.

Here's a few shots of the festival to show how we party round my way. To be fair, the fireworks were pretty impressive.

Chris Ward
24th September 2013

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